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Concept Rehab is offering the Administrator’s Academy of Excellence for SNF leaders to drive organizational change in key areas that impact clinical and financial outcomes and accelerate long-term strategic initiatives in an era driven by an ongoing pandemic.

This interactive executive education series led by industry thought leaders and is designed to help SNF leaders sharpen their lens on important metrics and technical aspects of a facility operation while also making strategic decisions to shift for a long-term vision. Administrators will deepen leadership skills through:

  • Analyzing key metrics and benchmarks that inform future decisions

  • Reviewing important accountability measures and staff skill development to drive quality

  • Analyzing cost and quality drivers to inform strategic initiatives and maximize ROI

  • Implementing actionable strategies for building census, staffing solutions, and long-range planning

Register for the next Administrator Academy - Fall 2022

Running the next Academy in the Fall 2022, four 90-minute interactive courses will be offered with a library of resources and tools for Administrators. A total of 6 hours will be earned. Each course has been approved for Continuing Education for 1.5 participant hours by NAB/NCERS.

Program Cost: 4 training modules & resource library is $250 per facility

Administrator's will deepen their skills to effectively manage the short and long range vision of a SNF with a focus on:

Course 1    
The Administrator's Role in Optimizing MDS
Presented By: Tammy Cassidy of T.L. Cassidy & Associates

SNF leaders will gain key insights on how to manage and provide effective oversight to ensure your MDS department is performing at a top-tier level with attention to optimizing accuracy with reimbursement, quality initiatives, and case mix initiatives. Learn the role Administrator play in building a strong and knowledgeable MDS team and strategies for performance evaluation and retention.

  1. Participants will understand the impacts of the intersects MDS shares with operations including reimbursement, quality, census and compliance that assure enhanced outcomes
  2. Participants will gain insight into their role in assuring compliance and accountability within the MDS team
  3. Participants will leave with a plug and play process for recruiting, hiring and retaining top-tier MDS talent and suggestions for an ongoing performance management/incentive system

Course 2    
The Administrator's Role in Filling Beds
Presented By: Caryn Enderle of Concept Rehab

The PAC industry continues to struggle with census which impacts financial performance and long-term viability. This session will provide SNF leaders with insights and strategies to disrupt census dips and rebuild occupancy.

  1. Participants will understand their role in census recovery and how it impacts SNF viability
  2. Participants will learn strategies for rebuilding community reputation as a means on filling beds
  3. Participants will gain insight into implementing systemic change to increase employee retention and engagement
  4. Participants will learn skills for strengthening current referral relationships while forging new ones to rebuild census

Course 3   
The Administrator's Role in CMS Quality Initiatives
Presented By: Jennifer Napier of Concept Rehab

Quality initiatives impact many areas of SNF operations including census, referral relationships, and public perception. SNF leaders can play a key role in assuring optimal quality outcomes. In this informative session, they will understand the terminology and acronyms that come with CMS’s Quality Initiatives including VBP, 5-Star, APU, QM, and QAPI and gain a deeper level of understanding of the Quality Reporting Program (QRP) including managing CASPER reports and how these reports impact Quality Reporting.

  1. Identify the differences between key CMS quality acronyms
  2. Identify key components of the Quality Reporting Program
  3. Be able to access and effectively manage key CASPER reports that relate to CMS's quality initiatives

Course 4    
The Administrator's Role in Optimizing Reimbursement
Presented By: Denise Leonard of Plante Moran & Kim Saylor of Concept Rehab

With the biggest payment model change in 20 years compounded by a multi-year pandemic, administrators haven’t been able to pause and evaluate their success under PDPM. This informative session will provide the benchmark data they need to key in on and compare results to decide if operational changes are warranted. Administrators will gain a deeper understanding into therapy contract methodologies and what might be advantageous for their outcomes both clinical and financial.

  1. Utilize benchmarking data provided, both revenue and expense to drive operations under PDPM and post-pandemic landscape
  2. Be able to assess current clinical and financial outcomes to determine if opportunity for enhancement exists
  3. Understand different therapy contract methodologies and delivery patterns to determine your current cost per minute and decide if this model works for you